Your first =IMPORTFROMWEB() function

ImportFromWeb scrapes and displays your web data with a simple function, named IMPORTFROMWEB.

In this page, you will learn how to write and use it.

Preliminary steps

Install the add-on: if not installed yet, go to the install page.

Activate the add-on: when opening a new spreadsheet, don’t forget to activate the ImportFromWeb add-on.

The function basics

The =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) function requires 2 parameters (or arguments) to extract data:

  • an URL, that describes the source of the data
  • a selector, that describes the content to import

So, extracting data is as easy as typing:


The selector can be either: 

The good thing with ImportFromWeb is that the function accepts more than 1 selector. Thus, you can retrieve a set of data with the same function:


And as with any other spreadsheet functions, the arguments can be either written in quotation marks, or by refering to a range of cell(s) that contain them:


Let’s try the function!

Extract the title of a Wikipedia page

For this example, we’ll take the Empire State Building page and will retrieve its page title.

=IMPORTFROMWEB("", "title")

Exactly the same way, we can pull any other data from the page, such as its h2 content or its meta title (using the selector “h2” or “metaTitle”)

Extract Amazon product details

In this example, we will extract 3 Amazon products in your spreadsheet (yes, you can extract up to 50 URL at a time!)

1.1. Select in the 1st argument the range of cells containing the Amazon products URL
In our case A2:A4

1.2. Select in the 2nd argument the selectors from the Amazon built-in selectors list, let’s say for our example “title”, “price” and “rating”.
We write them in the following range of cells B1:D1

1.3. Validate your formula and voilà!


TIP: to extract a table from a website, just type “table” as the 2nd argument in your =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) function, as follow:

Use our sidebar

The sidebar offers you a lot of support to create your function and discover all its potential.

Open it through the menu Extension > ImportFromWeb > 🛠 Open sidebar.

Discover our templates

Our Playground is an easy way to start scraping data.

You will also find our templates designed for major websites, for a more simple web scraping process (Google, Amazon, Yahoo Finance, LinkedIn, Instagram…)

Monitor your functions

In the Monitor tab, find all the info about your data retrieval.

Control how your data update

Through the Monitor tab, you fetch the latest data whenever you decide (with the RUN button) or you set up hourly, daily or weekly automatic updates.