The choice of options is what makes the function so powerful and flexible.

Options are specified as the 3d parameter into the =IMPORTFROMWEB() function and can be added in two ways:

A text of keys and values


=IMPORTFROMWEB("https://www.imdb.com/chart/boxoffice", "table", "countryCode:us, jsRendering, compare")

Bear in mind that when the value is omitted, the function will interpret it as TRUE. Hence, the example above is equal to

"countryCode:us, jsRendering:true, compare:true"

(Spaces after the comma are not compulsory)

A reference to a two-column range.

The left column defines option names and the second column contains corresponding values.

Only list the options for which you want to override the default values.

Some options might be limited or unavailable according to your subscription.
check out our plans for more details