Amazon data selectors (product page)

Want to extract Amazon product data straight into your spreadsheet?

You can see below the exhaustive list of selectors designed for any Amazon product page. These built-in data selectors are used within your =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) function; just pick them up directly in our Amazon scraper template or use them by yourself in your own spreadsheet.

=IMPORTFROMWEB("url", "name, rating")


  1. General information
  2. Product description
  3. Media
  4. Offer / price
  5. Product variations
  6. Technical characteristics 
  7. Product’s measurements 
  8. Parcel / Package

1. General Information

Selector Description
asinAmazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)
titleProduct name
urlProduct URL
brand_nameProduct’s brand
manufacturerManufacturer’s name
modelItem model number
country_of_originProduct’s country origin
categoriesAll the categories the product fits in (as seen in the breadcrumb)
categories_linksURLs of the categories the product fits in
best_seller_main_categoryBest seller rank category
best_seller_main_rankBest seller rank
ratingAverage rating
times_evaluatedNumber of reviews

2. Product description

a_plus_contentManufacturer’s product description
bullet_point_XBullet point X in product’s description (replace X by your chosen number)
bullet_pointsProduct’s description bullet points
descriptionProduct description

3. Media

featured_image_sourceProduct’s featured image
image_X_sourceProduct’s images (replace x by your choosen number)
other_images_sourcesAll the product’s images
has_videoDoes the amazon page have a video (true or false)

4. Offer / price

availabilityAvailable quantity in Stock
list_priceManufacturer Suggested Retail Price
sale_priceSale price of the product
sale_price_per_unitUnit sale price of the product
buybox_quantity_maxMaximum selectable quantity
buybox_winnerBuybox seller
buybox_winner_linkURL of the Buybox seller page
vendors_names*Alternative sellers*
vendors_prices*Prices of the alternative sellers*
vendors_links*URL of the alternative sellers pages*

 * when you use the selectors vendors_names / vendors_prices / vendors_links, the function opens a new pop up (same as when you click on the “see other vendors” link). As a consequence, those selectors cannot be combined with any other selector within the same function.

For example, the following is OK:


5. Product variations

current_variation_headersHeaders of all the possible variations
variation_X_nameName of variation x
variation_X_child_images_sourceAll images of the selected variation (replace x by your chosen number)
variation_X_asinsAll ASINs of the selected variation (replace x by your chosen number)
variation_X_child_textsAll values of the selected variation (replace x by your chosen number)
variation_X_child_Y_textValue y in variation x
variation_X_child_Y_asinASIN of product y in variation x
variation_X_child_Y_image_sourceImage of product y in variation x
current_variation_valuesSelected variations values

6. Technical characteristics

feature_headersProduct featured characteristics headers
feature_valuesProduct featured characteristics values
details_headersProduct characteristics headers
details_valuesProduct characteristics values
capacityProduct capacity
color_nameProduct color
style_nameProduct style
Has_climate_pledge_friendly_badgeDoes the amazon product have a climate pledge friendly certification (true or false)

7. Product’s measurements

item_dimensions_unit_of_measureUnit of measure used for the dimensions of the product
item_heightProduct’s height
item_height_unit_of_measureUnit of measure used for the height of the product
item_lengthProduct’s length
item_length_unit_of_measureUnit of measure used for the length of the product
item_weightProduct’s weight
item_weight_unit_of_measureUnit of measure used for the weight of the product
item_widthProduct’s width
item_width_unit_of_measureUnit of measure used for the width of the product

8. Parcel / Package

package_dimensions_unit_of_measurePackage’s dimension unit of measure (cm, inch)
package_heightPackage’s height
package_lengthPackage’s length
package_weightPackage’s weight
package_weight_unit_of_measurePackage’s weight unit of measure (grams, pounds)
package_widthPackage’s width