How to control when the data updates

Data is saved 24 hours by default. To change the behaviour, you have two options, available only from the Premium plan:

  1. Use the cacheLifespan option: You set a number of hours the cache will keep the data. Beware that although the cache will be emptied, Google Sheets doesn’t refresh the function all the time. The new data will be fetched only when Google Sheets executes the function again. (it can be when you edit or open the spreadsheet)
  2. You set up an automatic updates trigger: The trigger will force the function to execute and will fetch the data at the frequency you’ve defined. Even though the spreadsheet is closed

You can know the last time the data was fetched through the Monitor tab in the sidebar or by using 

=IMPORTFROMWEB_meta(ref_to_your_importfromweb_formula, "updateTime") 


=IMPORTFROMWEB_meta(ref_to_your_importfromweb_formula, "updateDate")